Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House Season 6 Blogger Episode - Private Lives

The night before yesterday Henry and I spent our evenings up to the wee early hours watching the torrents of House season 6. I was fascinated about the episode where House and his team treated a blogger who documented everything about her life, she and her partner's arguments, and even the doctors and the treatment being done to her.

Well,the episode did not make any mention of the patient having like a Twitter account or Facebook for instance, but the episode did imply that she was pretty popular online. When her kidneys were failing and she blogged about it, a few hours later a reader of hers from a different country called Princeton Plainsborough Teaching Hospital and was asking how hard it would be to donate. Cool, huh?

I recall one point in my blogging in this particular blog how Henry asked why I even blogged about something, although I can't remember what it was. I also don't remember if I took the post down or not, and I think I most probably did. For me, like House's patient, this is where I can share anything I want to. It is easy to be honest to people you don't see, but that can also be misconstrued into being easier to lie to people you don't know. This is where I can say what I want to without being rejected because hey, if you don't like what I'm saying you can easily stop reading and close your browser, right?

I also really liked in this particular episode how an old film of Wilson was used by his college roommate and turned it into a porn movie. Posters were everywhere and Wilson set out to find something he could use against House. He did find a book of sermons House was reading secretly, not because he was changing spiritually, but because his biological father wrote it.

I seriously love this TV show, and if anyone can point me to where I can download a torrent of the episode entitled Knight Fall, I will forever be grateful. ^_^


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