Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scrubsmag - A Review

I recently came across a site called Scrubsmag, and as one can guess, the site features a whole lot about the life of a nurse. From Scrubs to diets to work tips from veteran nurses, there's a lot of information that can be found on this site.

Being a nurse can be a stressful job, and nurses often neglect to take care of themselves because they're too busy taking care of other people. We've heard of the horror stories where nurses end up spending 16 hours or more on double shift. And with so many things to do like visiting patients, running errands, and giving patients their medicines, looking good can be last on a nurse's mind.

On the web site, I found this really helpful article for nurses especially during the hot summer season. The article I found is entitled Wake Up Looking Younger and it has a lot of useful tips on taking care of one's self, especially one's face. Here are these tips as itemized in the article:

1. Get clean.
It's a simple rule but its something we often don't do either because we're really tired from a hard day's work or we're simply too lazy. Just make sure you don't sleep with makeup on.

2. Moisturize.
With the hot summer seasons stripping off our skin's natural moisture, don't forget to moisturize. No one wants to end up looking like a prune.

3. Sleep right.
One's sleeping position affects one's disposition when waking up. Sleep on your back to avoid any body aches in the morning.

4. Be kissable.
Give your lips a little exfoliation. While brushing your teeth, give your lips a little brush and see what it does.

5. Tame stray hairs.
Don't forget those eyebrows! Always keep stray hairs tame.



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