Saturday, July 4, 2009

My First oDesk Job

I finally have my first oDesk job and its about writing. I write about a lot of topics ranging from travel, mobile phone reviews, airports, and other information. The pay is quite low compared to the writing jobs I land at PayPerPost and SociaSpark, as this job pays $0.50 per 250 words. In short, I need to write 500 words before I get paid $1.

But what I try to explain to my husband Henry is that these jobs are constant and the pay is every Saturday. This week, I earned a total of $32. If I manage to keep the rate of work I am doing right now, that would sum up to a total of $128 or about Php 5,888 (converted to $1 = Php46).

For me, its not bad at all because I just sit in front of my computer and I get paid for it. Plus, if I add up other blogging earnings like from the sites I mentioned and from the music blogs I've been writing for almost 3 years now, I'd total to more than $200 in a month.

This would be a great supplement to my family's income including me and my husband's salaries at work. An additional Php9,000 monthly would be more than enough to cover my light and DSL bill monthly. There'd still be a lot more left for extra groceries and we'd afford some personal luxuries. I'm glad I have the job I have now at oDesk. I'd prefer a regular low paying job than a high paying job with no security when I'd have another opp.


Kaz said...

How do you win jobs on Odesk. I have tried in the past, I never seem to get anywhere? Also how lucarative is PayPerPost and SociaSpark?



Leslie Ann said...

hi there! thanks for dropping by my blog. the thing is, since my blogs don't have PR, i don't get a lot of opps all the time. maybe i'd get 1-2 in a week, sometimes nothing. so for me, PPP and SS isn't really that lucrative, i just get what i can.

for odesk, i just applied to jobs that interested me and i made references to articles i already wrote on my blog and other blogging jobs i've had in the past and it seemed to work 'coz now, i already have 3 jobs!

chubskulit said...

that's not bad at all, its actually great.. Keep it up mommy les!

Sonja said...

Leslie is a great writer! Originally, I was a bit skeptical about hiring a writer through Odesk since I had a horrible first experience but everything is working out just fine! She is a great person that enjoys what she does and that golden opportunity of opportunities is right around the corner for her. That's what success is all about...sticking in there no matter what!


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