Friday, June 12, 2009

Web Hosting Geeks

For people with blogs like me and are thinking of buying a domain, webhosting is something we should research on. There are lots of web hosts or providers to choose from but finding out which web provider to go with is the tricky part.

There are several factors to consider, like the bandwidth, what platform the provider will use, and of course, the monthly costs. Good thing there is a site called Web Hosting Geeks that does all the research for us. They have compiled a list of the web hosts over the internet and give an accurate and fair review of the pros and cons (if any) that each web hosting provider has.

Web Hosting Geeks also compiled the web host providers that received awards like Best Blog Hosting, best multiple domain hosting, and green web hosting. The latter may be something new to others. Actually, green web hosting are where web hosts use alternative and/or renewable energy, plant trees, and recycling waste to power their datacenters. Kinda makes you feel good about your role in saving the environment, huh?

Web Hosting Geeks provides readers with webmaster reviews and customer reviews, which gives one a pretty good view of what exactly the web host provider can give. It is best to know as much as you can about a web host provider before taking the plunge and hosting your site.


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