Friday, June 19, 2009


I went to the hospital yesterday because I felt I had the flu. No, not A(H1N1) as I haven't been out of the country (I don't even have a valid passport, lol!), I haven't been around people who've been outside the country, and I haven't been to a mall or any place crowded. I just had the regular fever reaching 39 degrees, chills, and cough. So I went to Fatima Medical Center where they listened to my breathing with a stethoscope and I was wheeled from the ER to the Xray room and blood was taken out from me for a CBC. After a few hours, the doctor said I had pneumonia.

Whoa! How in the world did they know I had that? So I did some research and I found out that the symptoms were normally a wheezing sound when I breathe, I did have an ugly sounding cough, but my blood work came back OK.

My parents worked for the Department of Health and have been assigned to various hospitals and my uncles and aunts are nurses. They are in doubt though, as to how and why I had it and how in a matter of hours I was diagnosed with it. The doctor at the hospital asked me if I wanted to be admitted, but since I didn't have that much cash on hand as I thought I was just going for a check up for the flu, so they made me sign a waiver that I refused confinement.

So here I am at home, avoiding my kids as much as possible, and resisting the urge to kiss them as much as I want to. It's hard, but I'd rather lock myself in my room instead of infecting them with whatever it is I have. As soon as I get my films, my dad will take them to the hospital where he works and request for a second opinion. For now, I'm just taking my antibiotics and medicines as advised.


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