Thursday, January 10, 2008

On Weddings

When I got married, it wasn't the grandest wedding or anything, but I didn't mind because I was with the man I loved and people ho genuinely cared for me. But my husband and I do have this plan of getting married again in a church with a gown and all.

If ever our plans do push through, I would definitely want it to be complete and well-prepared and organized, like with wedding cards and all, but not any wedding card would suffice - they would have to be unique wedding invitations. These invitations would be sophisticated wedding invitations and would be something we would be proud to show our guests and all the people we will be inviting. It should also be something we'd be happy to keep and show off to our kids when they grow up and eventually get married someday.

Oh well, although these things will not be happening yet, it's fun to think about them as early as now.


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