Sunday, January 27, 2008

AxcessPoints Online Disaster Planning Tool

No one can predict emergencies - they can happen as fast as in the blink of an eye. Handling an emergency also often spells out heavy expenses and confusing days. With our everyday lives so advanced and high-tech, even the tasks that seem simple - managing and keeping secure our personal, financial, and legal information seems hard to do. So who do you go to in times of emergencies?

AxcessPoints is a secure online planning resource that assists individuals and families to organize critical personal, medical, and financial information and minimize the impact of a natural disaster. AxcessPoints also offers a first-of-its-kind Emergency Toolkit. The Emergency Toolkit is an interactive calculator that helps families in making a comprehensive emergency preparedness kit. What this tool does is to calculate the right level of supplies and other needed items by considering the factors of age, gender, disabilities and animals, including livestock. The information is highly secure, and the users can also choose to share sections of their emergency plan with members of their family and/or their trusted advisors.

Sometimes we might think that the area or place we live in is very unlikely to have a natural disaster, every single person can face personal emergencies, and may even have a need for managing their estate. With AxcessPoints, you can securely organize all your critical information with any web-related device, and have others access it as well. It's like having a high-tech safety deposit box.


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