Monday, January 2, 2012


I hope everyone had a great time spending New Year's Eve. I prepared and cooked a lot of food, but when I was watching the fireworks with my kids and Henry, I couldn't help but cry. I really, really miss my dad. :(

When I was younger, my dad was in charge of the fireworks, being the only man in our house and in my aunt's whom we shared the same compound with (one lot with two different houses on it). He'd light up fountains, 'trumpillios,' and when we were kids we'd light up 'lusis' (not even sure how to spell it, lol). We'd be screaming and shouting as the clock striked 12, as old people said you'd grow tall if you jumped, lol. I'm proof this tradition is so not true.

Well, things will be different now whether I like it or not, and there's nothing I can do about it. I called my mom and my sister after the fireworks were over so we could hear each other over the phone, and all I could say was New Year, since we all were lonely. 

I made this cake out of Nestle cream, condensed milk, butter, and graham cookies with pieces of fruit on top as garnish. This isn't my first time to make this cake - I've made it twice before and all turned out disastrous. If there's anything good during New Year, it was this cake as I finally made the darn thing right.
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