Monday, August 30, 2010

Our New Puppies

Our pet Princess gave birth a few days ago to 5 beautiful puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls. The pups are all doing well, and are feeding from Princess without any problems. My husband and I take turns in watching over the pups to make sure each of them get their fair share of milk, as some of the bigger ones literally "box out" the smaller ones during feeding time.

Since the birth of the puppies, we've been receiving inquiries about how much we intended to sell the pups, and whenever we say that we don't have any plans of selling any one of them, we get a bewildered look. Is it so strange to hear that someone would like to take on the responsibility and challenge of taking care of 7 shih tzus all in all? I think not.

My husband and I mutually agreed not to sell any of the puppies, even before Princess was in heat. We already imagined this day would come as it would, and way back then our minds were already made up. I couldn't bear to imagine selling them to someone who did not know how to properly care for a pet, someone who would hit them whenever the puppies peed or pooped where they shouldn't have, or leave them at home all alone, hungry, and with plenty of knots and mats in their coat.

One who will remain anonymous even told my husband that we would be on the losing side in terms of finances if we keep all the pups, as there are more males than females. Food, vaccines, maintenance, trips to the grooming salon, cages, etc. I wanted to tell that person that I never purchased Ron and Princess in the first place to make money - they are just my pets. I also do not have any intentions of making money through their puppies. How my pet Princess cried while giving birth and how she is sleepless while taking care and feeding her kids is not a joke to me. How she wakes up in between her naps when one of her pups makes noises. And how she looks at me and my husband whenever we touch her puppies and how she seems to count them when she enters their cage means a lot to me, too. How in the world could I separate her from her puppies? More importantly, how could I let go of the puppies I love, too? Our pets are not just pets - they are part of the family for me, so I guess that's mainly the reason why other people have difficulty in understanding me and my husband. Because for some people, dogs are just pets. But for me, they're part of my family.


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