Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ate Elena!

When my eldest sister and I were younger, I recall many, many instances where we would pull at each other's hair by the roots (sabunutan), fist fights, slapping (sampalan) sessions, and other numerous fighting episodes. But now, as we grew older and the years passed by, a lot of things have changed between us.

One thing I would like to say is that having my kids really changed me. I began to appreciate my parents more and even began to understand them (I know, but back then I couldn't understand why I got my butt black and blue or red because I got spanked but then they would explain they did that because they loved me). And with my second daughter, I began to appreciate my sister a whole lot more.

When Keisha became an older sister, I saw how hard it is for her with everything we expect her to do and be - have an endless patience towards her sister Nicole, always share everything, and restrain herself to not fight back because she's the older one, etc. That got me thinking, "it must have been this hard for Ate Elena too when we were growing up."

If I had the chance to relive everything again, I still would not change anything. All the fighting and the tears, the misunderstandings, and slamming doors at each other's faces were well worth it. Of course, if I knew we would turn out like this eventually, I would have gone easier on my sister - just easier, not totally lenient, lol! Happy birthday Ate Elena, you're the best eldest sister there is.


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