Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We're Going to Have Puppies! (hopefully)

Yesterday, we took our shih tzu pets to the vet to help them in the process of making babies (lol). Our female is already in heat, but our male shih tzu won't do it with her. I read a couple of articles on the internet wherein if the dogs grew up together and they feel like they're already siblings even though they're not really related, they just won't mate with each other. But the vet said it could also be because of Ron, our male shih tzu dog's age. He's just a year old and it could be that mating isn't really his thing yet.

We still have two more stud sessions left, and those are really just to be sure. If Princess, our female shih tzu does not become pregnant during this time, we get the next stud session free the next time she goes in heat. But the vet said that he was positive yesterday was Princess' fertile day, after they conducted the vaginal smear on her. I'm praying that when she does have puppies, she won't have a hard time, and that all of her puppies make it alive.

The picture on the left is our dogs. The female one, Princess, is the black and white one, and she's doing the humping in this pic (lol!). Our male one Ron is the mahogany and white with streaks of black one. Ron is actually a standard size shih tzu, while Princess is a bit smaller than the standard size.


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