Friday, February 17, 2012

The Trouble with Me

It's just a few days before the 25th, which marks the third month my dad passed away. Everything, up to now, still seems so unreal to me. Whenever I'm not doing anything, or whenever I see butterflies, a gumamela flower, or suddenly remember something about my dad, I just can't help but feel sad. I know this is a natural reaction, but everything that happened still has not sunk into me yet.

I feel sad whenever I log into my Facebook account and look at the chat window. I often see my dad's name there, but when I think about how he won't ever go online anymore and I can't chat with him anymore I feel really, really sad. I know when I call my parent's house he won't pick up the phone anymore. Most importantly, I won't ever see him again. I feel like my stomach doing cartwheels whenever I think about it.


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