Monday, December 27, 2010


So after all the Christmas celebration is over (at least for me it is), I'm now down with tonsillitis. The left side of my throat hurts a lot, especially when I swallow anything. Well, that hasn't stopped me from eating a lot, hahaha!

I hope everybody had a great Christmas celebration like I did with my family!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Need Help with your Home Appliances?

It was that day of the week again where I need to do laundry, an activity I do every week. I have a Maytag washer with a model number of LAT9206BAE, and it’s been with me for several years already. So, with everything set, I turn it on and guess what? My washer won’t start. So what’s wrong with my washer?

I’ve seriously considered getting a new one, especially since I’ve been using this washer for like 5 years already, and that’s saying a lot. But with the holidays just around the corner, I was a bit hesitant in spending money for a new washer. Besides, what will I do with the one I currently have? I’ve never had any problems with it before until today, so I was really confused.

Since I knew my washer’s model number, I headed to my trusty laptop to check the internet. I was thinking, I couldn’t possibly be all alone in the world with this same problem, right? That’s when I came across this website, It’s a pretty cool website which allows you to buy parts for various home appliances.

But it doesn’t stop there. not only allows you to buy parts from them with same-day shipping (a big plus especially if you’re in a hurry to get something fixed like I am), they also help you diagnose what could be wrong with your appliance and presents you with possible solutions to fix it.

For my washer, after I entered the model number (if you don’t know what your model number is or where to find it, all you need to do is to click on the little guy at the bottom right corner of the screen and he’ll help), the website gave me a list of the problems other people were having with my exact same washer. And guess what? There were other people whose washer’s wouldn’t start either, so I clicked on that to get some help.

Turns out, all I need to replace with my washer is the Lid Switch Assembly, a part that costs $21.10. Partselect states that replacing this part fixes the problem 100% of the time (of course I checked if the washer was plugged into the outlet). And since I’m not a technical type of person but I wanted to save as much as I can, I was pleased to find out that there were plenty of detailed installation instructions to help. All the tools I would need in getting it done was also listed, so I prepared in advance. I also showed my husband the diagrams and he read the instructions (a lot of them said it would take less than 15 minutes to get everything done). They were right! Hubby was done replacing our Lid Switch Assembly around 6 minutes tops.

Thank you! You saved me $$$ by showing me how to repair my washer and now it’s up and running again! Now, off to do some laundry…

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home for the Holidays

My relatives from Canada are arriving in the Philippines to spend the holidays here. My aunt is already here, someone I haven't seen since I was born (and I'm 27 for crying out loud!). Her son is coming over too, I think on the 20th.

Henry, the kids, plus 2 puppies I guess are coming with us tomorrow to visit her. This will be the first time I'll get to see her, although I've already seen her pictures. Well, I guess there's always a first time for everything.

I'm also excited to see my eldest sister Elena. Even though we always talk on the phone, I'm always excited to see her. We always rant on each other, but that's the way we talk. I'm also excited for them to see my kids, since my mom hasn't seen my kids for several weeks already. I just hope we can stay up to the afternoon so my dad can see the kids as well when he gets home from work around 5PM I think.
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