Monday, September 13, 2010

What to Do in Shenzhen

A lot of travelers find themselves headed to Shenzhen for different reasons. Some are in the city for work, while others are wondering what to do in Shenzhen because they are there just for fun or maybe on a leisurely trip.

I've come across some good reviews of Suzy's Lounge Bar in Shenzhen, China and from what I've read, there are quite a lot of foreigners hanging out in this bar. This is probably because of the fact that all the female staff of the bar speak English, some are good but all of them can certainly carry a decent English conversation.

Aside from the staff, what sets Suzy's Lounge Bar apart from all the other Shenzhen bars is the reason that they offer a lot of drinks. From imported beer to the local drinks, Suzy's Lounge Bar in Shenzhen has all of them. You can check out their drinks list here. And just in case your favorite drink is not in that list, you can tell the bartender and they'll try to make that drink available on your next visit.

So, if you're thinking of what to do in Shenzhen, stop by Suzy's Lounge Bar. I forgot to mention - new customers get their second drink free, too!


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