Monday, August 2, 2010


I really felt bad last night, because Keisha got scolded by her dad. Her scores on her mid quarter exam were quite low, and what made her dad all the more upset was the fact that her dad reviewed all of the questions with her. I was very sad because I hated seeing Henry mad, and of course Keisha was crying because she was afraid of her dad. I grew up being spanked by my parents, and I never understood why as a child how I could learn from it, but when I grew up I knew it was to make sure we didn't forget our mistake and not do it again. I also realized I associated my pain with the mistakes I made, so if I didn't want another sore butt, I better not do what I did the other day. But I still didn't like seeing the people I love mad, angry or hurt. Yesterday wasn't a good day, I guess.


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