Monday, August 30, 2010

Our New Puppies

Our pet Princess gave birth a few days ago to 5 beautiful puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls. The pups are all doing well, and are feeding from Princess without any problems. My husband and I take turns in watching over the pups to make sure each of them get their fair share of milk, as some of the bigger ones literally "box out" the smaller ones during feeding time.

Since the birth of the puppies, we've been receiving inquiries about how much we intended to sell the pups, and whenever we say that we don't have any plans of selling any one of them, we get a bewildered look. Is it so strange to hear that someone would like to take on the responsibility and challenge of taking care of 7 shih tzus all in all? I think not.

My husband and I mutually agreed not to sell any of the puppies, even before Princess was in heat. We already imagined this day would come as it would, and way back then our minds were already made up. I couldn't bear to imagine selling them to someone who did not know how to properly care for a pet, someone who would hit them whenever the puppies peed or pooped where they shouldn't have, or leave them at home all alone, hungry, and with plenty of knots and mats in their coat.

One who will remain anonymous even told my husband that we would be on the losing side in terms of finances if we keep all the pups, as there are more males than females. Food, vaccines, maintenance, trips to the grooming salon, cages, etc. I wanted to tell that person that I never purchased Ron and Princess in the first place to make money - they are just my pets. I also do not have any intentions of making money through their puppies. How my pet Princess cried while giving birth and how she is sleepless while taking care and feeding her kids is not a joke to me. How she wakes up in between her naps when one of her pups makes noises. And how she looks at me and my husband whenever we touch her puppies and how she seems to count them when she enters their cage means a lot to me, too. How in the world could I separate her from her puppies? More importantly, how could I let go of the puppies I love, too? Our pets are not just pets - they are part of the family for me, so I guess that's mainly the reason why other people have difficulty in understanding me and my husband. Because for some people, dogs are just pets. But for me, they're part of my family.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

About Shenzhen Bars

A couple of days ago I wrote about Suzy's Lounge Bar, one of the bars in Shenzhen which open around the evenings and stay open up to the wee hours of the morning. I've been doing some research and found out that Shenzhen is really a great place to have fun whether you're a local or a foreigner, as the nightlife in Shenzhen is very much alive and upbeat.

I envy the locals though, because after a whole day of hard work, they can easily just drop by one of the bars in Shenzhen along their way and enjoy a few drinks or two to calm their nerves and soothe their tired minds and bodies. The city itself is brimming with life and beautiful lights at night, and bars in Shenzhen abound.

What I like best about Suzy's Lounge Bar though is that the place is fun and beautiful yet it is cozy and comfy at the same time. It's really a great place to hang out and unwind, yet is still a great place to have fun at the same time. You can enjoy great drinks, play pool, mingle with the other guests and staff, and just hang out. Also, new customers get their second drink for free, and that just adds to the fun.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ate Elena!

When my eldest sister and I were younger, I recall many, many instances where we would pull at each other's hair by the roots (sabunutan), fist fights, slapping (sampalan) sessions, and other numerous fighting episodes. But now, as we grew older and the years passed by, a lot of things have changed between us.

One thing I would like to say is that having my kids really changed me. I began to appreciate my parents more and even began to understand them (I know, but back then I couldn't understand why I got my butt black and blue or red because I got spanked but then they would explain they did that because they loved me). And with my second daughter, I began to appreciate my sister a whole lot more.

When Keisha became an older sister, I saw how hard it is for her with everything we expect her to do and be - have an endless patience towards her sister Nicole, always share everything, and restrain herself to not fight back because she's the older one, etc. That got me thinking, "it must have been this hard for Ate Elena too when we were growing up."

If I had the chance to relive everything again, I still would not change anything. All the fighting and the tears, the misunderstandings, and slamming doors at each other's faces were well worth it. Of course, if I knew we would turn out like this eventually, I would have gone easier on my sister - just easier, not totally lenient, lol! Happy birthday Ate Elena, you're the best eldest sister there is.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

About Bars in Shenzhen

I'm trying to promote Suzy's Lounge Bar. It's a comfy lounge bar located in Shenzhen, China and is a few steps away from the Kempinski Hotel, so it isn't hard to find at all. Suzy's Lounge Bar is made up of friendly female staff who all speak English, some really fluent but some not, but all of them can carry a conversation in English.

I hope you will take the time to visit and like their FaceBook page, follow them on Twitter, and visit their official website. If you also have time, why not drop by for a visit? Suzy's Lounge Bar is offering the second drink free for every new customer who visits.

Call or text them on 13590213422

Get in touch with them via email at and

Drop by for a visit at:
120 Coastal City, East Block
Wenxin 6th Road (off Haide 3rd Ave)
Nanshan, Shenzhen
(next to the Kempinski Hotel)

Monday, August 2, 2010


I really felt bad last night, because Keisha got scolded by her dad. Her scores on her mid quarter exam were quite low, and what made her dad all the more upset was the fact that her dad reviewed all of the questions with her. I was very sad because I hated seeing Henry mad, and of course Keisha was crying because she was afraid of her dad. I grew up being spanked by my parents, and I never understood why as a child how I could learn from it, but when I grew up I knew it was to make sure we didn't forget our mistake and not do it again. I also realized I associated my pain with the mistakes I made, so if I didn't want another sore butt, I better not do what I did the other day. But I still didn't like seeing the people I love mad, angry or hurt. Yesterday wasn't a good day, I guess.
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