Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I really wanted to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight last Sunday, and I am glad Henry got to watch it live via satellite in a nearby school. He had to pay Php100 I think, and I wanted to go, too. But of course, I had to think of the kids.

Being a parent sometimes has its setbacks, but these are nothing compared to the joy I get whenever I see them smile. Not to mention the fact when they give me a big kiss.

I just wanted to share that I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't even asked, although I know what I would have answered even if I was invited to watch anyway -no. I'm glad I have a lot of time with the kids now, but I guess I just miss the time when I can have my husband just to myself.

In time, I know when the kids are older, I can have more time with Henry, just the two of us. Which is also why I am thinking of not having any more kids - 2 girls is more than enough for me. Lol!


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