Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Am I Bad?

I don't know what's gotten into me but lately, I just get ticked off really easy. As in really easy. Even the smallest things just send me to a fit and i either just stay in my room all day and get out only for bathroom breaks and when it's time for me to take a bath and leave for work.

I also feel bad about Henry lately. I've been wishing for braces and since we don't have enough cash to pay for the braces, I suggested getting a loan which he strongly declined. But when he said he wanted a PSP, he asked me to get a loan from one of my officemates so that he could buy one as soon as possible.

So there, I'm getting twice the money needed for my braces to buy him a PSP. I'm just consoling myself with the thought that Keisha can also play the PSP, but what about me? What about what I want and what I feel? I always think of others and lately I feel no one's thinking about me. I just feel so sad and I just can't help but sigh.

Is it bad to think about what you feel and need?


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