Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Day in the Life of My Pants

There's a cool Dockers contest that lets you portray a day in the life of my pants. This Dockers contest made me think about my own pants. I began to think, what exactly does a day in my pants feel like?

For starters, I take a bath and then wear my jeans first. After which, I pick out a shirt or a blouse that matches my pants and then the shoes come lastly. My jeans may not be washed from the previous use, which is exactly the way I like them. Not that I am a slob or anything, but the way your jeans fall down when it's freshly laundered and having been worn several times already makes a huge difference.

My jeans and I end up riding a bus to work, and may end up standing or sitting down in the process of commuting. When I do get there, my jeans normally inhale its share of second hand smoke as I hang out with my friends in the smoking area. Then, my jeans usually end up hearing minutes of our team's huddle before we start making calls. For the 9 hours (including lunch) that my jeans and I are together at work, it probably doesn't feel that much tired as we both spend most of the day sitting down anyway.

Occasional bathroom breaks give my jeans a break as well. Sometimes, my jeans also get a taste of whatever snack I'm munching, especially since I'm not that of a neat person when it comes to eating. And then when my shift ends, my jeans end up riding another bus before getting home and when it's a lucky day for my jeans, it may jut share the bed with me on days when I just collapse dead asleep after work.


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