Monday, February 25, 2008

Digital Pictures

Henry and I just came home from a short trip to the mall. We were supposed to go to the bank but we forgot that today was a holiday and banks and most offices were closed. So we ended up going to the mall instead and we had a couple of our pictures printed out.

I printed out a picture of Henry and me, my most favorite picture of all, which was taken on Keisha's first birthday. We also had a couple of Keisha and Simone's pictures printed out, plus one picture of my mom in law that she took with our cellphone.

I have to admit, I miss being with Henry alone. Not that I don't want to take the kids with us where we go, but the feeling that it's just the two of you and you have time to be alone together is something that I've missed. This day off that I have today is one that was well-spent.


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