Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An Unfortunate Incident

When Henry, Keisha and I went to SM Valenzuela yesterday, we had a really great time together. Our family day-outs have been very far in between, due to the nature of Henry's work and Simone, since she's only 3 months and we do not want to take her to malls yet, since she really won't appreciate where she is anyway.

When we were going home, it was raining, and Henry and I had a hard time getting off the jeepney we were riding, as Keisha had fallen asleep and she was relatively heavy. In addition, we were both carrying grocery bags each, plus Henry was holding the umbrella up for Keisha. The inconsiderate, ill-mannered, and downright obnoxious driver (the jeep had a plate number of DHY 887 which I will remember so I can inform the LTO office of his driving "skills") suddenly started the jeep while Keisha and I were still getting off. Henry shouted at the driver to stop, but he didn't listen. I shouted as well, "****, don't you see we're getting off? I'm holding a child for crap's sake." The stupid driver replied, "You're taking forever to get off, kasi."

That bastard. Excuse my language. But blood really rushed to my head when I thought of the worst-case scenarios that could have happened. If Keisha had tumbled down the road, I would have ripped that guy's head off. Even the remaining passengers in the vehicle loudly complained about the said a**hole of a driver. Henry was furious. If only it wasn't raining and he didn't have to hold our umbrella up, I'm sure he would have pulled the guy out of the jeep and gave him a solid punch on the face or two.

What upsets me is the fact that we were in an unloading spot on the road, so there was no need to rush. Second, the guy should have been considerate since it was raining, and most importantly, I had a child with me. Due to the rain, the traffic was pretty slow and the vehicle in front of him was moving only inches, so really, there was no need to rush. To think before I even stood up I told him, "Give me a minute, I have a child with me." But nooo, the a**hole just started his engine before we even had the time to get off.

Grrrr....That guy better not pray he get lost in our street otherwise, I will employ all my neighbors to beat the crap out of him. I am still going to report him to the LTO so that he be penalized of some sort, and so that he won't be doing what he did to us to other people carrying kids.


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