Saturday, September 22, 2007

Applying for a Job

I had to leave really early today since I was called by a certain call center for an exam. I had applied for the position of Customer Care Specialist (the same position I had when I was still working with Convergys) through Jobstreet and two days later, they called my cell and conducted a phone interview, the first stage of their recruitment process. I passed both the phone interview and the exam, and I have to come back tomorrow for an oral assessment.

I hated leaving Keisha and Simone. I guess after several months of staying at home, I wasn't used to the idea of leaving them. I comfort myself with the thought that I'm doing this for them anyway, so I shouldn't feel bad. But nonetheless, that thought only provides a temporary comfort.

I have to go all through this guilty feeling tomorrow as I leave to complete the next step in the recruitment process. To be really honest, I'm more sad with leaving them than excited with the prospect of a new job.


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